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Watercolor and ink architectural drawing.
 "A Picture of Promise"

11" x 14" ink and wash on paper


"A picture is worth a thousand words." This is a common saying, but how can one picture capture the passing and progress of time? While driving through Tuscaloosa I came across an antebellum home with a "Black Lives Matter" sign in the front yard. A house that was built with the hands of enslaved people now openly proclaims that their lives, and the lives of their descendants MATTER - are worthy of love, protection, advocacy, opportunity... and the list goes on because love goes on and covers everything. I used watercolor to create the aged effect because I wish I could send this one picture back in time to those who worked and toiled for another man's wealth, to show them that there is a future people that boldly proclaim their innate worth. I imagine this worn and aged picture traveling through time, back to us with the message to keep working until the work is complete and love has made it right. we will keep working.

*100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Birmingham Promise Initiative.*

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