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Taking Care

"I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significants."

                                                                         - Pablo Casal

Reduce Waste

Environmentally Conscious Practices

Edges of paintings become business cards. Bits and pieces of paper are soaked and made into scrap paper and "Thank You" notes. Shipped supply packaging is reused to ship art. Wherever I can, in every way I can without compromising the quality of my service, I make my impact gentler on our world.

Trial Period

For my larger art, I offer a one week trial period for residents of Birmingham and its neighboring cities. I honor the investment you are making in purchasing original art for your home or workplace. With a 50% fully refundable deposit, try a painting in the space. If you love it, great! Simply send me the other 50% of the value of the painting. It's not the right one for the space? Totally fine! I will pick up the painting and fully refund the deposit. I love my art, and want my collectors to find the right painting for them and their space.

Art Trials

Art Consultation

Art Consultations

I have always had a knack for pulling a room together. I offer free art consultations. Sometimes you need an outside eye to help solidify what will help make that one room feel like your favorite place to be. Whether it is in person, or with pictures remotely, I am happy to help you find the perfect colors and size of art for your home. If you already are working with an interior designer, I would welcome a collaboration with them. 

Worry Free Commissions

Let's be honest, sometime it's hard to articulate exactly what you want. I get it! Unless I'm supplied with a photo of a landscape for me to interpret, I primarily paint intuitively. How do we bridge the gap between words, sight, and two different minds? By taking the pressure off! The way I do commissions is stress free for us both. I love my paintings and am always trying to find ways to keep my inventory up. I propose we talk about colors, subject, and other paintings of mine that resonate with you. I will take this information and go on a happy little journey. If you like it, wonderful! If it's not quite right, no problem! We will talk about it and I'll refine my next try. I want you to have a painting you love. 

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